We came to see bears. We saw bears. Mostly turning over large rocks with a casual flick of the paw looking for things to eat. After watching a bear swim from one small Island to another, I thought about the huge bag of garbage sitting on board Impromptu.

The Floating World

During Japan’s Edo period the phrase “the floating world” evoked an imagined universe of wit, stylishness, and extravagance—with overtones of naughtiness, hedonism, and transgression. But that’s not the floating world we’re here to talk about today. Like other places around the globe where folks make their living on the water, Northern British Columbia was once …

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The Islands are full of unexpected, sometimes amusing, things. In the Octopus Islands, someone once left a bit of driftwood in an old shack to commemorate their visit. Now it’s a tradition, with some pretty clever efforts.


Sometimes the water is so still that you can see an almost perfect reflection. One local writer suggested that if you look at these images sideways, they might have served as inspiration for the totem pole.


That this native village , better known today as New Vancouver, exists is a testament to the vision and determination of one man. A combination of government policy and economics resulted in many people leaving their villages for larger, one might say more Caucasian, places. The grandfather of our guide, Amy, was determined that his …

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Alive and Well

After hearing the sad story of Port Harvey, I thought you might enjoy seeing a marina that is thriving. Lagoon Cove, run by the Ryan family, features a communal “happy hour” at 5:00 every afternoon. They supply freshly caught prawns, guests supply everything else. We are approaching the book exchange, which also contains a collection …

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